Strolling through Colonial Williamsburg

Oh Colonial Williamsburg. What a truly special place.

Have you ever started walking around a place you know you used to visit when you were younger and then it all comes rushing back?

That's how I felt strolling through the main street of Colonial Williamsburg — my family used to live outside of DC so trips to visit my cousins in Williamsburg were pretty frequent and my mother was always quick to find something fun for us to do — whether museum or visiting a historic site (of which there are many in Virginia).

Colonial Williamsburg is the largest functioning historical town/museum in the world.

You can buy items produced in 18th-century fashion from the hat shop, smithery, bakery, and most of the other shops.

We had grand designs to grab lunch at our favorite tavern there, Josiah Chowning's, but they weren't taking any more names for their waitlist.

Lucky for us, you can buy their famous root beer from a cart next door and walk down the street while enjoying your drink.

If it hadn't been our last day, we would have purchased tickets and gone to see as much of the town as we could — but didn't want to rush ourselves.

The Magazine.

As you can see, you can take in an incredible amount of the history by just walking around.


And how incredible is that? If you live in a historic spot, I'm sure its can be fatiguing to have the constant stream of tourists — but I bet you also love how close you live to pieces of history.

Governor's Palace.

Another spot to add to your list — Colonial Williamsburg.

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