Hey there, I'm Grace! And am so happy you're here!

Ever gone to a museum and been so overwhelmed you just wanted to skip the art and go straight for the coffee bar? Wouldn't it be a dream to spend more leisurely Saturday afternoons at a museum and enjoy itWith these thoughts in mind, I dreamt up The Muse Life. It seems ridiculous to me that cultural outlets are either hard to find,  incomprehensible, or are only accessible to people with a phd in 16th century ivory utensils (but kudos to you if that's your jam!). But what about the people who want to visit galleries more often, don't know what they like, or don't know where to start? What about you and me?

Visiting or traveling to museums can be insanely expensive, though there's truly nothing quite like seeing the ceiling of the Duomo in Florence or the spiral rotunda of the Guggenheim in person. But you don't always have to travel to see something incredible, there's probably art in your neighborhood. I want The Muse Life to be an avenue for finding new cultural centers that are worth your time and money, and maybe also for learning a fun fact or two about the artwork in question.

A little about me — I'm a current Bostonian and I'm always on the search for a new coffeeshop and museum to visit!

A few years ago, I spent five months in Florence, and completely fell in love with the city — the culture, the gelato, the art on every corner, the local coffee bars — everything. I've always been drawn to the decadence and intellectual exchange that personifies so much of Florence's history — often from a fun, historical fiction book — and it made studying Italian Renaissance art history an absolute passion, not just my degree.

My 'dream' | A day that begins with a cappuccino and fresh croissant, a visit to a great exhibit where I'm swept up in the artwork around me, and a glass of bubbly to end it perfectly.

I believe art is for everyone. Everyone. The Muse Life breaks down the barriers of museums, showcases exhibits, and makes the art world something to be enjoyed! Life is way too short for all this artistry to only be seen by a small percentage of the world. Tell me what you think — I love sharing my perspective and want to hear yours!

~ Grace

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