Check out my recent deep dives into the art world!

Ever catch yourself looking at a painting and think how did they create this scene on a flat surface? Or walk around a sculpture and think: That's it'? It's just a railroad tie on the floor! What else is there to 'get'?

Sometimes we want to learn just a bit more about an artist or the technique used to create a work than the plaque on the wall explains. This is a little spot where I try to dig deep into the stuff I find interesting, stumble upon and want to share, or hear from you — its also where the art history nerd in me can fully come out!

Up Now: Folies Bergere and the Serpentine Dance

Technology and illusion have long played a part in making entertainment acts seem incredible and impossible, and they were a necessity to successful club owners. A section of the Lautrec exhibit at the MFA Boston was centered around the 'Serpentine Dance' that Loïe Fuller mesmerizing danced for audience. Perfecting this act required multiple forms of technology, and you can learn how interesting it was to behold in this month's Art in Focus.

May: The Morgan Library

Historical house museums have long fascinated me — how did we know when to preserve someone's house and then open it to the public? While many of these mansions and cottages included a room for a personal library, there is nothing that quite compares to J. Pierpont Morgan's Library in New York City. Enter the Gilded Age and a world of precious treasures in this month's Art in Focus.

April: Performing Arts & Muse[rs]

April's topic branches out from the usual art historical deep dive as I talk about performing arts and why I think they're just as important as going to a museum. Art comes in all forms and includes dance, theater, music, and poetry. Enter the world of music with me in this month's Art in Focus.

March: Order through Quipu

Sharing a special exhibit from this past fall at the MFA Boston on Quipu — an ancient Andean system for order. While almost lost by Western dominance, thanks to contemporary artist Cecilia Vicuña, we can learn about this technique. Learn more with me in this March's Art in Focus.

February: Love with Raphael & La Fornarina

In honor of the loving month of February, I'm sharing a painting that depicts several different kinds of love — all in one scene. Find out more in February's Art in Focus!

January: Apotheosis of Louis-Adolphe & Grisaille

Ever been struck by a painting or print completely done in gray tones? Check out this beautiful grisaille painting memorializing the third French Republic's first president in this month's Art in Focus.

December: Thomas Cole and Hudson River School

Curious to learn about one of the first true American art styles?
Learn all about the Hudson River School and its founder, Thomas Cole, with me in this Art in Focus.

November: Asian Vessels with Qing Dynasty Peach Vase

There's more to the beauty and detailing of Asian objects and vessels. Curious to learn how fruits, flowers, and vessel shapes all mean more than artistic creativity — find out more in this month's Art in Focus!

September: Life After Death - Farnese Sarcophagus

When you think of death in Classical, Medieval, or Renaissance periods — what somber images and objects does your mind conjure? Learn more about the famous Farnese Sarcophagus that celebrates life much more than your average tombstone here.

August: Minerva and the Centaur - Struggle for Power

Curious about how artists indicate power plays in their works? Learn more about the portrayal of the struggle of power in this Art in Focus with Sandro Botticelli's Minerva and the Centuar here.

July: Renaissance Art 'Master' Carlo Crivelli

Do you ever think that there's more to the Renaissance painters than the teenage ninja turtles you always hear mentioned? Learn about 15th century Renaissance artist Carlo Crivelli and why I think there's more to this period of art history than what Florence, Rome, and Venice can tell us here!

June: Trompe L'oeil through Hunter's Cabin Door

Ever done a double-take at a painting because you thought part of it was bursting through the canvas? Learn more about the trompe l'oeil technique with me here!

May: Leaving an Impression

Curious about the Impressionists? Learn more about them with me here!