MFA Late Nite

I have something fun and different to share today!

We're talking all about museums after-hours — ever wondered what it would be like to see your favorite artworks at night?

A few weeks ago, I had an amazing evening at the MFA for MFA Late Nite.

We started with a quick bite at Deep Ellum, a lovely eclectic bar in Allston, then headed toward the Fenway for the MFA.

(Tip: always purchase tickets ahead of time — it'll save you a long line in the cold)

What is it about seeing things lit up at night? Everything seems to have a magical glow.

Step inside, drop your coat, find your friends, and plan what to see first.

We headed into "The Art of Influence — Propaganda Art from the Era of the World Wars."

These cartoons always make me go back and forth from wanting to laugh at their hilarity to feeling complete despair for those who suffered at the expense of these sketches — and who thought their leaders would actually keep them from starving.

Thoroughly in need of enlightenment after the 20th century war-effort posters, we turned the corner to listen to a live poetry performance before walking down the hall past one of my favorite signs.

And on to something truly soothing — "French Pastels."

The best part of this gallery, was the jazz singer performing at one end.

I couldn't get enough of the layers of an artist performing his art, framed by the paintings in the room, and the transportation back in time to when some of these works were created and the simultaneous creation of jazz music.

Large Green vase with Mixed Flowers, Odilon Redon,  1916-17.


Little Goose Girl, Jean-Francois Millet, 1868.

It also inspired me to see so many musers in the museum!

Dancers Resting, Edgar Degas, 1885.

From here we checked out the "Shelf Life" exhibit.

Dutch Still Lifes.

Claes Oldenburg's take on the Dutch versions with these found object "Shelf Lifes."

And on to Ceclia Vicnua's "Disappeared Quipu," which I found out a few days later is part of a series of exhibits she has at several museums.

These quipu were so fascinating and new to me — I promise to do a proper post on it!

And we ended the night with the beautiful voices of another music group.

I bet a museum near you has a late night — it's such a new way to see artwork and makes you feel extra special getting to walk around a space that usually closes before dinner.

You can check out the MFA Boston's calendar here for a glimpse of their upcoming events.

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