Gohar Dashti’s “Home”

I keep going back and forth on whether or not to write more blog posts. It seems both incredibly irrelevant and like a good break from the current news.
But, looking back at my photos from my last visit to the MFA Boston, I realize there's a perfect exhibit to show you. The exact mixture of hope, creativity, and imagination that we all need.

A few months ago, I purposely went to the museum to see this fairytale exhibition. By lucky chance, I turned down a corridor that brought me to Gohar Dashti's works.

Mesmerized by the surrealism I thought I was seeing, I left with only 1-2 photos. So I was determined to properly document the exhibit my next time at the museum!

Reimagining Home is a collection of photographs by Iranian artist, Gohar Dashti, drawing inspiration from her teacher and famous photographer, Bahman Jalali.

Dashti selected buildings in Mashad, Iran that had been long abandoned and with the help of a team, staged settings to breathe new life into these spaces. They are all titled Home, giving each photograph the same chance at a new beginning as the next.

I would love to own one of these prints — just think of the hope and possibility embodied in each of these photographs. A reminder to shift perspective from seeing the old, run-down, ruined parts of something to seeing the potential, ability, and chance for revival.

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