Art in Nature Out West

This post isn't about art in a gallery or museum, but beauty is beauty and I wanted to share some of the amazing natural art I saw last week in the Sierra Nevadas.

Exploring the outdoors means you gain a deeper understanding of the area you're visiting, and on the West Coast you can understand why the pioneers thought this place was so magnificent.

It is incredibly dramatic, romantic, and unique.

My family used to travel out to California frequently — partially for work, partially to learn how to ski, and ultimately for a love of the landscape.

Traveling during the winter only adds to the variety of terrain — where scrub-brush valleys lead up to snow dusted peaks and a sunny day can change in minutes to the overcast of impending snow.

Honestly, its like mother nature has invited you to a performance exhibition on nature's constantly changing temperament.

Topaz Lake

So, if you're willing to take a detour from a more typical art post, grab a cuppa and enjoy the amazing Sierras with me!

Genoa Springs, Nevada

Lookout over Mono Lake

Mono Lake

In the 1940s Mono Lake was diverted to provide water to Los Angeles (over 330 miles south), resulting in a dramatic shift in the lake's ecosystem.

Thankfully, the state changed direction in the '90s to restore the water to its original level and protect the environment.

Tioga Pass toward Yosemite (closed in winter)

These sheer red rocks rise from the sides of Tioga Pass and rockfall is very real — we saw a small rockslide from the valley floor.

Road west to Yosemite

Grant Lake

South Tufa Forms at Mono Lake

Reflections on Mono Lake

Several miles south — Mammoth Mountain

Clouds rolling over the Mammoth Minarets

Our whole crew

On a clear day you can see Mono Lake from the summit — here you can just make it out on the horizon. 

Last view of Mono Lake

Isn't this place amazing?

Promise me you'll add the West Coast to your list if you haven't been yet.


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