Hall of Fame Heroes

This is the final installment of my trip to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame.

saratoga racing museum

And I think this is the most special part of the museum — expertly captured moments of winnings, behind-the-scenes, and notable figures in racing history by the late Tony Leonard.

saratoga racing museumWhen you visit Saratoga, you'll see brightly colored horse statues dotting the streets with their vibrant paint themes.

saratoga racing museum

I didn't take a picture of every photo, for some I was too engrossed in the image to remember to snap a shot and for others...I figure you should see Queen Elizabeth II visiting with race horses for yourself!


saratoga racing museumTravers (1982) and Steeplechase (1984),Tony Leonard.

These images (and whole gallery space) also seem to immortalize the talent of the jockeys who have worked with the best of the best — these riders are just as skilled as the horses they work with.

saratoga racing museum

saratoga racing museumMorning Bath (my favorite) 1963, and "No Autos" 1968, Tony Leonard.

saratoga racing museum"And they're off!" at Saratoga starting gate, Tony Leonard, 1989.

saratoga racing museumSecretariat Arriving at Claibourne and Secretariat Walking at Belmont, Tony Leonard, 1973.

saratoga racing museumAngel Cordero, Jr., Tony Leonard, 1987.

So if for no other reason, go to the museum just for this collection of photographs.

saratoga racing museumOr to see these funny collectors' items, including a Bob Baffert bobblehead, knit glassholders/coasters with horse heads, and a Seattle Slew bobblehead among others.

saratoga racing museumOr the personal effects of famous trainers, including a set of blinkers used by trainer Grover "Bud" Delp's horses.

Either way, the museum is well worth a visit before track season starts in the summer.

And if you go right before the races start, you might be able to see a morning workout.

saratoga racing museumMorning Workout, Tony Leonard, 1978.

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  1. I was totally in love with Secretariat. I still remember sitting in our motel room(Jim was on an assignment that weekend and had just returned) and we watched the race together. It was soooo exciting to see that beautiful animal run his heart out.

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