Millennial Museum Blast

Writing The Muse Life means I get to see new exhibits, walk through galleries, and enjoy what cultural institutions have to offer — and I love that I can share it all with you!

Museums have always been a special place for me, as I mentioned in this post.

I owe it all to my parents who not only love what museums, travel, and different cultures can offer, but knew how critical it was to make them all a part of my life growing up.

I'll admit, when I was younger I didn't always want to get in the car for a long drive to visit a stuffy, old historic home.

But every time we stepped inside the doors of said institution I was instantly reminded of how powerful these places are — not only are they beautiful buildings filled with history, but they often come with fun anecdotes about their quirky former occupants.

What better way to learn about a particular period in history then to step back in time to understand how people lived and hear the stories behind certain artifacts or paintings in their homes.

Now, 'museum' museums are a world apart from historic home museums.

But the notion that you can walk from an ancient weaponry gallery to a contemporary fashion photography exhibit offers the same personal moment of awe and amazement as a historic home does.

Whether a place that transports you back to a particular time, or a Met-sized building that shares every century's secrets — museums will ever be a fascinating place for us to enjoy.

And they are meant for just that — for us to enjoy.

Museums are for the people, and they have something for everyone who walks through their doors.

In honor of #MillennialMuseumBlast, this is why I love museums and want to share them with you.

Why are they special to you?

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  1. Because I got a glimpse into cultures and people and events beyond my own small sphere. I’m especially glad that I shared my fascination with my beautiful and thoughtful family.

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