The Picasso Museum, Barcelona

Our first stop in Barcelona (after dropping our bags) was the Picasso Museum.

This is an absolute must if you're visiting Barcelona! Room after room is filled with his paintings, preparatory sketches, pottery, notes, quotes, photographs.

We had no idea the place would be this palatial, but it's not daunting the way large museums can be.

The Picasso Museum is housed in an old mansion in the Gothic Quarter and with so many treasures around each corner you're intrigued to keep going down the rabbit hole rather than feeling fatigued.

Pablo Picasso, like many of his fellow Cubists, was trained classically as a young artist — his talent demonstrated at an early age.

Anatomy Studies, circa 1889

Portrait of Artist's Father, 1896

Self-Portrait, 1896

First Communion, 1896

As the world began to change at the turn of the twentieth century, Picasso started branching out and experimenting with different techniques.

Sketches and letters to friends, 1900

Grand Vase, circa 1880

Still Life, 1901

To say that he was prolific is an understatement. I'm surprised there can be other Picasso museums given the sheer number of items in the Barcelona museum's collection.

Photos of Guernica

See for yourself!

Illustrated poems

The Pigeons, 1957

Photos of Dora Maar, 1930s

Portrait of Dora Maar, 1939

Massacre in Korea, 1951

Lady with Mantilla, 1917

More illustrated poems and theater inspirations

Columbus Avenue, 1917

Woman in armchair, 1917

Studies for Head of a Woman, 1930s

Las Meninas, 1957

Study for Infanta Margarita Maria, 1957

Las Meninas Studies

Promise me you'll go and enjoy the Picasso Museum when you visit Barcelona.
(Tip: Most museums and attractions in Barcelona have timed entry — I strongly suggest booking everything in advance of your trip and planning things out so you aren't constantly on the go. One activity for the morning and one for the afternoon is perfect for still enjoying the city and not being rushed at each stop.)

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  1. Picasso was such a strange man but I really am drawn to many of his later works. So Barcelona had Picasso, Gaudi and up in Cadaques Dali. Wonder if there is some wild inspiration in the food or water in that area. Amazing!!

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