Museum of Science – Boston

Before the chance passes me by, I want to share a few more things from my recent trip to the Museum of Science in Boston.

My prior post only got to part of what the museum has to offer.

Again, I was just in awe at how interactive the museum is — definitely makes me believe that science is cool and fun!

Design your own museum

Learn about the Charles River

They have an impressive natural history area, complete with species native to the New England area.



Blaschka models

And habitat displays that categorize animals by species or habit environments.

Ant, bee, and wasp nests

Different flight patterns and what they mean.

The Colby Room  — Colonel Colby's 'gun room' that held his various items collected during his life in the early 20th century.

One of the most impressive areas of the museum is The Human Life exhibit.

Upon entering you can grab a wristband that scans into several of the stations, adding your data to the museum's questions — easiest way to collect data to analyze!

Before exiting I wound my way through the 'Superheroes' exhibit, which shares different animals and why they're so amazing.

They could be the best at hiding, maximizing completely pitch-black environments, healing, or any number of adaptations that have enabled them to thrive.

If you're looking for a fun Saturday afternoon activity, and are interested in maybe learning something along the way I recommend heading over to the Museum of Science!

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