A World of Science

Spring is slowly beginning to creep into Boston, and I've started to think about where in the city and surrounding area I haven't been yet to add to the Spring list!

Last weekend took me to the Museum of Science — an impressive building that straddles the Charles River.

View from the museum

Complete with a 3D (and 4D) theater, butterfly garden, Planetarium, and endless exhibition space, this place is not for the faint of heart.

A word of caution — admission is very a la carte, and pricey to begin with. I'd start with the exhibition halls and then see if you're up for more.

I'd already decided I would just check out the main exhibits and venture back another day for a movie and trip to the butterfly garden.

So, let's dive into the world of technology and science!


Petrified Lightning

One of the first exhibits I walked into was the electricity and math section — math is not my forte, but the displays were filled with history so I was easily pulled in.

Timeline of discoveries

These views are proportionate, regardless if you look through the peephole or from the side. 

From here I saw the wind power work being done in Massachusetts, a display on space travel, and the progression of steam engines.

You can move the handles and aim beams of light at the tower

There was even a wooden ship display that shows the progression of shipbuilding technology over the centuries.

Flying Cloud, 1851.

Yorkshire, 1843

Norman ship, 1099

Kingship, 1200

My favorite part of the museum is how interactive it is.

I mean everything you see has an interactive element to it — perfect for the hundreds of children running around and exciting their curious minds.

I tried my hand at guessing how long a minute is, seeing the effects of solar power, and understanding perspective.

The layout of the museum is harder to navigate than you expect, so I'd recommend keeping your map close!

Steam Engine

There's so much more to show you from my trip, natural history, animal habitats, the human body gallery...it'll just have to wait for another post!

Aztec Calendar

All in all though, the Museum of Science does have a ton of things on display, so while its a steep ticket price you do get to see a lot, and it's all incredibly well done.

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