Museum Guide: Top 3 Questions Answered

In the US we're celebrating Labor Day this weekend!

Outside the MFA Boston

Which means, not only do will we have three days worth of cookouts, pool parties, and time with friends — we have a whole extra day of the weekend to spend at a museum!

Museums and galleries love these federal holidays and frequently offer admission deals or special entertainment — so I certainly hope that you'll take an afternoon to peruse a new exhibit or explore a public garden on your extra day off.

And, in the spirit of the three-day weekend, I want to share my Museum Guide of the three top answers from my Gallery FAQ.

Art Doesn't Bite

Inside the Frick Fine Arts Cloister at University of Pittsburgh

I want you to get upclose and personal with whatever painting, sculpture, or item you have in front of you.

The amount of detail that goes into even the most simple object is often something that can only be seen from inches away.

Each time I notice the individual brushstrokes on a canvas, I feel like I'm right there when the artist was completing their work.

Do [or Don't] Go With the Flow

Inside the Louvre

Especially key for visiting special exhibits — curators always put galleries together in a particular format to emphasize an important point about the subject that they want to display for the viewer.

I often find that gallery spaces are confusing and I don't know which way to turn first.

I'm also a contrarian and don't want wall arrows leading me in the 'right' direction — I know, I'm picky!

So I want you to go through all future exhibits and galleries however you wish.

You might learn something or see something that you might not have had the chance to if you went the exact way the curator intended you to.

I would also suggest reading a bit of the introductory wall text to check if there's a critical reason why you should follow the curator's path — they are, afterall, incredibly skilled at what they do and you may get the most out of a gallery by following their instructions.

Either way, it's all a balance and you should feel free to go the direction you choose!

Pace Yourself

I could stare at art all day, and I sincerely mean that.

But, I could also sit at a coffee shop table eating pastry and sipping iced lattes all day as well.

Whether you're intent on spending all day at a museum or just want to pop in for a few hours, I want you to enjoy yourself.

I suggest wandering for an hour or so, checking out the museum cafe or courtyard if they have one, and then continuing on to the next part of the collection.

And I wholeheartedly advise going to the museum with a full stomach and divulging all of your favorite parts about the galleries over a coffee or cocktail at the end of the day.

You can read the full Gallery FAQ responses here.

I hope these tips help when you next find yourself in a museum.

Tell me below what you're doing this weekend!

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