Golden Autumn

Last week I went to dinner in Harvard Square.

I usually zip through there on my way home from work so it was nice to spend some time walking around.

We were with some friends who hadn't really been to Cambridge before, so jumped at the opportunity to play tour guide and point out everything we could after dinner.

teresita fernandez harvard autumn nothing personal

I can't remember the last time I went into Harvard Yard.

And around the corner of the Library, a welcoming golden light was waiting for us amidst the gathering evening darkness.

teresita fernandez harvard autumn nothing personalIt could have been that move-in had just started so there wasn't a full-blown buzz around campus, or the shocking realization that by 8pm it's already incredibly dark.

But stumbling on this light sculpture was magical.


teresita fernandez harvard autumn nothing personalCreated by visual artist, Teresita Fernández, semi-circular rows of golden lights form a brilliant ring in the center of Harvard Yard.

Rows of concentric circles welcome you in to the center, where you're bathed in warm, golden light.

Teresita Fernández has created joy to the center of a busy university campus.


teresita fernandez harvard autumn nothing personalThe space, commissioned by the Harvard Committee on the Arts (HUCA), will be a space for conversations and performances — and what an enchanting stage it is!

I highly recommend you visit the installation this fall, and suggest doing so in the early evening.

teresita fernandez harvard autumn nothing personalWhether you're feeling stressed, at peace, itching for a sign of fall amidst these 90° days — meander through Autumn (...Nothing Personal) and enjoy the creativity and recharge.

Read more about Teresita Fernández's Harvard Tercentary Theatre here

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