Michener Museum

"My heart feels so full"  — the text I sent while walking out of the first museum I'd been to in 2+ years. From worrying about the pandemic to spending the past couple summers in upstate New York (and not close to many museums) to moving to a new town ... it's been a while.

If you're in the greater Philadelphia area, looking for something not in the heart of the city — which can be brutal in the summer heat — drive about an hour north of the city to visit the quaint Doylestown and the Michener Museum.

Named and supported by famous writer, James Michener, the Michener Museum houses impressionist paintings in the former County Jail.

"Times Square" James Wolanin, 2013

"The Jazz Trio" Joseph Meierhans, 1942

Sculptures dot the grounds and an inner courtyard provide a serene backdrop to the galleries inside the museum.

Impressionist Gallery

"Flower Border I; Flower Border II" M. Elizabeth Price, n.d.

Throughout the year, the museum hosts various public events and is just three blocks from the main street. A true example of how to use wealth to share art with the public.

4 thoughts on “Michener Museum”

  1. We visited a few years ago and vowed to return. Now you have reminded us what a treasure the museum is.

  2. We have been there with Phyllis and David and just loved this museum. When were you there?

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