Keith Haring: Michener Museum

What we consider pop culture art, we owe to Keith Haring.

Haring's highschool year books

And trust me, you know who Keith Haring is. Within seconds of entering the special exhibition at Michener Museum you'll remember why the artist and his work are so well known.

Best Buddies Sculpture, 1989

Not only did his art become iconic, but he was an artist who actually participated in the protests and events that raised awareness for the causes his work illustrates. From Free Africa to ACT UP to supporting those with other abilities — its a wonder he had time to create any of this art with how involved he was in seemingly every social and civil movement in the 80s.

"Growing #2"

"Free South Africa Suite", 1985

So many of the paintings, magnets and pop shop memorabilia reminded me of my childhood. It's amazing how quickly one person's style can spread to the mainstream — I guess that's why they call it pop culture 😉


Entry to the exhibition is included in the regular entry at the Michener Museum — on view through the end of July.

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