Legion of Honor

San Francisco, like most cities, is a bit of a cultural hub between the Victorian architecture, museums, street art, natural landscape, and Golden Gate Bridge.

Basically, you have a million options for how to spend a day. And no surprise, we opted for some museums starting with the Legion of Honor.

The Legion of Honor sits above the Lands End lookout points and trail.

While it was sunny down by our breakfast spot, as we climbed up the hill to the museum we entered a world of fog and mist.

A pretty and dramatic setting for this marble colonnaded building.

Currently, there's a special exhibition on early Rubens — which I recommend getting a ticket for as it was included with the regular price.

Special exhibitions are on the lower level, but let me first tell you about the main collection and I'll give Rubens his own post.

The main galleries are set up in a U shape that encircles the building so we worked our way from one far end to the other.

Madonna Enthroned with Saints and Angels, Raffaellino del Garbo, 1502.

Starting chronologically with the medieval and Renaissance objects (the perfect place to start in my book!)

Spanish ceiling from the 1500s.

Last Judgement Triptych, Unknown Tyrolean Master, 1500.

Their collection is pretty incredible and you'll spot a few names you know well while discovering artists you wish had been in your life sooner.

French & Italian Baroque Gallery

17th & 18th Century Decorative arts

Salon Dore

I was surprised to find the central sculpture hall filled with Rodin's work. Sculpture after sculpture depicting the grace and beauty of his work.

Rodin Sculpture Court

The Mighty Hand, Rodin, 1880s

The museum isn't gigantic so you never feel overwhelmed, and the layout doesn't feel like you'll get lost.

17th Century European Gallery with this masterpiece — Russian Bride's Attire, Konstantin Makovsky, 1889.

The Crowning of Mirtillo, Ferdinand Bol, 1650.

English Neoclassical and Romanticism gallery

The Assuaging of the Waters, John Martin, 1840.

The Fairy Woods, Henry Meynell Rheam, 1903.

The collection goes all the way up to the modern period.

The Grand Canal Venice, Monet, 1908. One of my absolute favorites!

Just remember to have fun when visiting a museum, otherwise you're doing it wrong!

I definitely suggest adding this to the list for when you're next in SF — besides, you can pop down for a short 20minute walk to Lands End and try to sneak a peak of the Golden Gate!

You can just see the bridge breaking the mist.

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