James Turrell Skyspace

My last post from my September San Francisco trip is James Turrell's Skyspace installation at the de Young Museum.

james turrell

As soon as I saw 'Turrell' on the museum map, I knew we had to find it.

If you walk outside and through the de Young gardens, you'll find signs pointing the way towards a low tunnel.

The tunnel leads you into an open hallway, painted a vibrant terracotta red that encircles a domed central room. Whether you choose to go right or left, on the opposite side of the hallway from the tunnel is an entrance into the dome.

You enter the dome, a stark white in contrast to the bright hallway walls, and look up to see an oculus cut out of the ceiling. A circular bench has been built into the room's walls, you take a seat, lean back, and enjoy watching the clouds go by.

We lucked out with the weather — with a bright blue sky to look at and wisps of clouds floating by.

It's always interesting to me how calming Turrell's work can be, and how simple something like light and a focal point to watch the movement of clouds in the sky can be so inspirational.

This is a permanent exhibition (I think!) and was such a lovely way to end our art morning.

3 thoughts on “James Turrell Skyspace”

  1. I really like the starkness of the surfaces, the shapes that frame the sky, the natural colors, especially Grace in the photos to give
    perspective and actual size. I can only imagine what the experience feels like. I’m definitely interested!

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