Edward Hopper House

Edward Hopper's Nighthawks is perhaps the painting he is most famous for.

Edward HopperHopper in Truro, MA, 1960

Edward Hopper House

While I could have guessed Hopper was an American artist, I wouldn't have been able to tell you he was from southern New York, a town about 35 miles north of New York City.

Edward Hopper HouseFirst Floor contemporary art installation, the Voices of Nyack with Hopper's sketches on the walls

Edward HopperA Misinterpreted Command, 1900

Edward HopperYachting Scene, 1905

Earlier this fall I had the chance to visit the small town of Nyack and step inside the Edward Hopper House, where the artist grew up and first started dabbling in his craft.

Edward Hopper House

Edward HopperLandscape, Elizabeth Griffith Hopper (Edward's mother), 1862

Edward HopperSmith's Dock, 1900

The house itself is small and gives you a look into Hopper's life as a young artist, with his sketches and lesser-known works dotting the upstairs.

Edward Hopper HouseFamily photos

Edward Hopper HouseHopper's room 'reimagined'

Edward Hopper House

Edward Hopper House

On the first floor, a contemporary artist has taken views of the house's interior to build models of the rooms with Hopper's works projected onto these models.

Edward Hopper House Banning Exhibit

Edward Hopper House Banning Exhibit

Another chance to see artists and their art inspiring the next generation of artists!

Edward Hopper House Banning ExhibitEdward Hopper's "From Williamsburg Bridge" projected over his boyhood bedroom, Michael Banning,

Many of Hopper's works are of windows and doorways leading to scenes outside the home, many of which appear to have been inspired by this very house.

Edward Hopper House Banning ExhibitRooms by the Sea, 1951

The artist, Michael Banning — an admirer of Hopper and Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershoi — creates artwork that depicts how light fills a space. Banning has combined Hopper's (and Hammershoi's) paintings and the rooms of the house, and created miniature models out of them — a very layered, Inception-esque artform.

Edward Hopper House Banning ExhibitRooms by the Sea, Michael Banning

If you find yourself in Nyack, it's a nice little museum to pop into for a few minutes (and the town is dotted with various coffee shops so you can't go wrong!


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