Into the Light at Mass MoCA

Mass MoCA is an amazing place — its a maze of large industrial buildings bridged together, displaying the collection against a backdrop of rough floors, bare brick walls, and larger-than-life sized iron beams.

It's dramatic and overwhelming, but also incredibly calming and contemplative.

As I mentioned in this post, we went to Mass MoCA to see the James Turrell Into the Light installation.

Tucked deep inside the museum's connected buildings, through the light tunnel, you wind your way back to Turrell.

The museum really is a work of art in itself — intertwined factories, dripping with sunlight and dozens of textures.

The Couple, Louise Bourgeois, 2009.

(The exhibit requires advance reservation, which takes maybe all of 3 seconds!)

I really had no idea what to expect, but can honestly say it was one of the purest experiences I've had.

Trust me, I'm not trying to be cliché.

You step inside and feel. Time seems to stop, letting you be in a moment without thoughts and ideas painted negatively or positively, you just feel.

Wall Drawing 793B, Sol LeWitt.

I say this is 'pure' because when we stepped out of the gallery, I felt like I had just re-learned that this is how all art experiences should be.

They should be pure and warm, where there is nothing except you, your mind, and the artwork in front of you.

Deeper Look exhibition by Jenny Holzer, a look into government documents from the Iraq War.

Jenny Holzer.

An entrance into Sol LeWitt

Needless to say, Mass MoCA is an inspiring place to visit.

Spins from Swiss, Shara Hughes, 2017.

Northern Lights, Sam McKinniss, 2017.

Entrance to Rachel Howard's Paintings on Violence.

The Bright Night, Shara Hughes, 2017

No pictures allowed in the Turrell — so you simply have to see, or feel, it yourself!

4 thoughts on “Into the Light at Mass MoCA”

  1. Thanks for making us aware of this very interesting museum. We will have to put it on our list of must see places. Hugs

  2. We appreciate your blog. We have not seen this museum and are intrigued by your photos. The space alone is so perfect for an art exhibit. All the artistic styles enjoy their own private spaces and the entire collection is unified by the original refurbished factory.
    We especially like the pictures of you with the museum. Thanks!

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