Extra Art from Norman Rockwell

I want to take a step back to the Norman Rockwell Museum.

One of our most iconic painters deserved his own post, but the museum has much more than just his works.

Two galleries on the main floor house other artists (mostly American), from incredibly different periods.

The first helps set the scene, as briefly mentioned in this post.

Trapper with Christmas Tree, Frank E. Schoonover, 1923.

Wa-Gush, Frank E. Schoonover, 1906.

The House of the Four Winds, John Buchan, 1935.

Drummer Boy, Frank E. Schoonover, 1899.

The next gallery is much more contemporary and looks like a mix of something out of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow or The Dark Materials.

Incredibly vivid, futuristic acrylic paintings are a shocking juxtaposition to everything else the museum houses, but just as delightful.

The Bears and Snow Cave, Gregory Manchess, 2017.

Last Ridge and Heading Home, Gregory Manchess, 2017.

It always feels like a treat when museums do this, knowing how to connect and encourage viewers further beyond their primary purpose.

3 thoughts on “Extra Art from Norman Rockwell”

  1. Enjoyed this set of 2 posts re Rockwell museum.

    I could see Schoonover in Rockwell …. and why Schoonover was in the Rockwell museum!

    The Manchess exhibit looked interesting, if more than a bit different than Schoonover & Rockwell … bit I definitely saw Dark Materials ….


  2. We have visited this museum several years ago. Is the Manchess exhibit permanent? Loved all 3 of the styles

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