TurnPark in West Stockbridge

Show me a quaint New England town filled with antique stores, a great coffee shop and an art-centric attraction — and I am there. I've driven through the Berkshires throughout my life and have stopped to see many of the area museums, so when I had the chance to visit West Stockbridge it seemed like a great day-trip.

We chose West Stockbridge for a few reasons, mainly that it is home to TurnPark Art Space.

"Rain" Nazar Bilyk, 2012

Meander the paths and discover each sculpture installation.

"Don Quixote with a Flower" Nikolai Silis, 1973

"Candy" Luna Go, 2020

Fair warning that some blend right into the landscape so you might need to play a bit of a scavenger hunt. (And it's dog friendly, so bring your furry friends!).

"Discus and Shot Put" Nikolai Silis, 1966

"Lazy Ladies" Nikolai Silis, 1996

"Eyeball" Shami Shinogi, 2019

"Sticks and Stones" Jared Gelormino, 2019

"Bohr and Einstein" Valdimir Lemport, 1960s

After you've found each sculpture, walk over to No. 6 Coffee Depot Roastery and Cafe for a coffee and bite. Everything on their menu is either good or looks good so you won't go wrong.

If you're up for more walking, take a turn around the two connecting streets that make up the main part of the village.

Should you visit later in the day, Rouge Restaurant is the perfect place for a drink and dinner.

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