The Art of Rock & Roll

The MET — ever well-versed in how to pack a gallery space with interested minds has outdone themselves with their current 'Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock and Roll' exhibit.

(Before continuing, I'd recommend turning on your favorite band to set the scene)

Beatles Set

To be honest, I ventured into this exhibition solely because I knew it would be of interest to my museum buddy...but I'm so glad I went in!

Metallica's Set

There have been very few times that I've walked into a gallery and felt like the diversity of the other viewers was something respectable, something that I hope becomes the norm.

Parents, grandparents, students, international visitors — it seemed like every type of demographic you could list was represented in the gallery space.

That's the thing about music, it speaks to everyone. And, the collections on display run the gambit of rock history so there really is something for everyone in this exhibit!

Van Halen's self-built Frankenstein guitar

"Soul Power" guitar created by Tom Morello, adding more digital effects

You walk into the exhibit and it feels like you're inside a concert — dimmed lighting with neon spotlights and signs, displays showcasing the progression of Rock and Roll, and music from different eras leading you on through the galleries like different acts of a show.

Keith Emerson's Electric Tonewheel Organ

For me, when Johnny Cash came on I knew the exhibit would be a good one!

Before you think but I don't like rock and roll, the instruments are stand alone works of art themselves — and the history of rock is laid out in front of you to marvel over!

I mean, how cool is The Who's set?!

Custom Five-Neck for Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick

Acoustic Electric Guitar and Cracked-Mirror Guitar

Les Paul TV Special given to Steve Miller by Leslie West and repainted by surfboard artist Bob Cantrell 

Back of Les Paul TV Special

Prince's custom-designed cherub-faced suit

Lady Gaga's custom-created piano for ARTPOP



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