Street Art

This week's mini-post is all about Street Art.

From murals that brighten up otherwise dull exterior walls, to paintings that beautify every day surfaces and objects, to community demonstrations of unity — people are constantly bringing art to the street.

And the best part is that it's free to enjoy!

In Utero, David Cerny — Prague.

Whether installed or painted by a famous artist, community group, or aspiring artist — these unique additions are inspiring and beautiful.

Not to mention, how special you feel when you happen to look to the side and glimpse vibrant colors, inviting you to take a closer look!

Below are some of my favorite finds over the past few years.

A beautiful mixed-media mural from the upper streets of Positano.

This has to be one of my all time favorites — it sparkles, depicts the beautiful Amalfi colors, and includes a mermaid tail — what more could you want?!

Love Wins at the Boston Seaport earlier this winter.

A simple, but good reminder for us all.

The famous Lennon Wall, Prague.

Graffiti at its best — sharing the same phrases of love and peace in nearly every language.

MerkThose's installation outside the MFA Boston.

This cute guy peaking around the corner of a busy NYC street — looking like he stepped off a Life is Good® shirt.

And finally, this beautiful sepia-toned mural overlooking a parking lot in Portland, Maine.

The best part about this one, is that it's a depiction of almost exactly what lays on the other  side of the building — simple, but ingenious.

Where have you found the best street art in the world?

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