Musee du Louvre

This post is a trip down memory lane from when I was traveling around Europe while studying abroad.

Let's be honest, I always have Europe on the brain, but I've really been feeling the travel bug lately.

With so many favorites I'm longing to see again and new places constantly popping onto my list choosing just one has been difficult.

So, in somewhat of an honor of Bastille Day I want to share my memories of the Louvre with you!

I still remember this day — and whole weekend spent in Paris — as one of the most beautiful trips I've taken.

Paris exceeded every expectation and I can see why people fall in love with this city.

We woke up early, grabbed a quick breakfast at a local bakery (sister-owned if I remember correctly!) around the corner from the museum and tried to beat the crowds.

When you go to Louvre you'll undoubtedly stand in a line that wraps along the fountains. I suggest taking that time to breathe in the magnificence of this place. It's massive and impressive.

You duck down into the pyramid and marvel at how many options you have to start your museum tour.

Fair warning — some of my photos are a bit fuzzy or angled because of the sheer magnitude of the paintings and amount of people jostling about to see.  

Seriously, the Louvre is not meant to be tackled in a few hours! This place is absolutely cavernous. I'd suggest figuring out your 'must-sees' and enjoy what you find in between each.

If you have steam to see more after that, you go for it! (You know I'd be hitting the coffee bar before continuing on.)

As an art history student getting the chance to see a bucketful of the paintings and sculptures that I had studied was magical.

The Coronation of Napoleon, Jacques Louis-David, 1807.

Seeing these works spread out in front of me, within an arm's reach made me realize how right I had been to choose that for my studies.

La Joconde, Leonardo da Vinci, 1503-06.

Though some of them weren't as impressive as I thought they'd be. I had no clue how small the Mona Lisa is! And with the crush of tourists you couldn't play party tricks and walk side to side to watch her eyes follow you...yet still pretty cool to see La Joconde in person even if it was amidst a sea of selfie sticks.

One of my absolute favorite parts of the Louvre.

While winding through the mile-long corridors you come to a set of grand staircases with this sculpture jutting out at you.

Winged Victory of Samothrace, 200 BC.

Defiant and stable, the addition of wings makes this solid stone look like it's effortlessly floating.

A great blending of traits we could all use.

I remember thinking how the Louvre could be completely empty and still be worth a visit. The architecture and building decoration is exquisite and the artwork around each room and on the walls are simply an added bonus.

Add the Louvre to your travel list and tell me your favorite part of the museum. And, if you can muster a bit more walking, you absolutely deserve a parisian treat for your Louvre efforts at Ladurèe with a macaron (or three)!

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