Grace Memorial Chapel

My last several posts have been more architecture focused, and while this one is no different, this place holds a special place in my heart.

Close to where I spent my childhood summers (and was lucky enough to spend much of 2020), sits the historic landmark — Grace Memorial Chapel.

The Chapel was completed in 1884, constructed from plans created by William B. Tuthill, the famous architect of Carnegie Hall.

This wall plaque commemorates the lightning rods that sit on top of the bell tower. "The lightning rods erected by the Falconers in loving memory of 'The Bartletts' Gillette 1885-1963 | Hattie 1885-1969"

You'll notice some chairs are facing the wrong way to help with distancing during 2020 summer services. 

Simply designed, the building is an early example of precut framing, where larger elements were created offsite, shipped to location and put together more easily onsite.

Various memorials of special parishioners are placed throughout the church, either on windows or with wall plaques such as this one.

Most stunning are the stained glass windows that line all sides of the chapel.

Services are still held in the summer months along with concerts, and the chapel can also be used as a wedding venue.

If you're in the area, it's well worth a stop!

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