deCordova Museum

Going back a few weeks to my trip to deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum!

We did pop into the Museum that sits at the top of the sculpture grounds, honestly for a bit of a respite on a hot summer day.

Nero's Analogue, Bradley Borthwick, 2018

But the contemporary art inside made it extra inviting.

More Indian, George Longfish, 2013

Atlas, William Binnie, 2019

The museum is celebrating their 2019 Biennial, so a lot of the artwork on display is by New England artists.

Free Pussy, Mildred Beltre, 2017 (inspired by the #MeToo movement and Women's Marches)

The galleries aren't huge, but they're bright, welcoming, and open.

My Roof, Bhakti Ziek, 2012

And if you wind your way up to the third floor you can look out over the grounds from their roof deck — nature's work of art.

I can't say it enough — deCordova is well worth the visit!

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