Welcome to the MFA — Boston

You might think 'art museum' and might immediately visualize one of New York City's various museums, the Louvre in Paris, or London's modern art scene. However, the MFA in Boston has an amazing collection that has everything you could possibly be interested in! While studying art history, citations of paintings often led me to the MFA website. This building houses thousands of some of the most well-known artworks. And living in Boston means I can easily visit! 

Suffice to say, the MFA is well worth a visit whether your interests are modern, contemporary, ancient, or otherwise. Although, this cavernous museum can also be overwhelming if you don’t have all day to visit. Lucky for me, they always have a few special exhibitions going on that make for a great hour or two of culture time!

Check out the MFA here. They have a more expensive ticket price (general adult admission), though it is totally well worth it! And, they let you visit the museum again within a ten days, which is a life saver for a museum of this size.

Must See

  • Any special exhibit!
  • Artifacts from ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt
  • Conservation Lab (super cool to see what's being restored!)
  • Grand Staircase
  • Art of the Americas — you'll spot some famous works